Sony has built a whopping 56MB of memory into the camera, which is much more than you’ll find on competing cameras. Like others in Sony’s W-series line, the DSC-W55 is very sleek and easy to pocket so there is no excuse not to take it with you, most any time your stepping out. Review Sections Review Prices Specs. While that low light focusing is slow, the camera locked focus accurately and consistently. Frankly, not really all that necessary, given the good battery life. The lower the resolution, the more smart zoom you can use, up to a maximum of 4. You cannot delete a photo right after it’s taken — you must first enter playback mode.

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I liked the W50 when I reviewed it last year. Outdoor visibility was average, while low light visibility was very good. Will the W55 do just as well?

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55

The problem is that this increases the power of sony cybershot w55 as it hits the eye and creates a fairly heavy red eye sonny. The one thing I disliked about it was that its photos indoors under incandescent lighting were a bit on the yellow or red side, depending on the white balance option selected.

Makes for more dramatic sky colors deeper, richer blueblocks reflections from glass and other non-metallic objects requires VAD-WB above.

Since the conversion lens adapter has 30 mm threads, you can also use Sony’s various filters on the W55, just as you sony cybershot w55 on the W50 before it. Sony cybershot w55 also has a Carl Zeiss Lens.

Sony Cybershot DSC-W55

Top Rated Cameras in this Category. As always, I recommend a sony cybershot w55 down to your local reseller to try out the DSC-W55 and its competitors before you buy!

And with that, here we siny. The camera moves between images quickly in playback mode. Ultra-compact cameras almost always have redeye problems, and the DSC-W55 is no exception.

Still, making midsize to large prints at these sensitivities should not be a problem. The underwater case is shown above, a nice accessory not only for true sony cybershot w55 shooting, but also comforting if you plan a canoe or sony cybershot w55 trip, or a day water skiing or at the beach.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

We photograph everything, even boxes, manuals, pieces and parts. A beginner will find they can start shooting right away in the Automatic or Program modes, while the more advanced user will find sony cybershot w55 Creative modes interesting to use; permitting shots in more challenging conditions. Cyberwhot bright light, the shutter responded quickly for its class, lagging only 0.

Also shop in Also shop in. Battery life took a tiny hit, but most people won’t even notice. Overall the DSC-W55 took photos of very good quality.

sony cybershot w55 Here’s the full list:. While not a giant leap over its predecessor, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55 is still a capable, ultra-compact camera that I can recommend to just about everyone. In this mode, the camera boosts the ISO as high as in order to get a blur-free photo. Increases the maximum telephoto sony cybershot w55 length by 2. I’d just like a bit less than the W55 left in its images. We ssony questioned the usefulness of the high ISO options on the W50, but on the W55, image quality is good enough that I could see people actually making use of them, at least for d55 inch prints.

If you have a cybreshot sony cybershot w55 this review, please send them to Jeff. Frankly, not really all that necessary, given the good battery life.

While the lens itself is not threaded, you can add conversion lenses via the adapter I mentioned in the previous section. We have a chance sony cybershot w55 guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment. It can be very hard to find the sony cybershot w55 touch screen so if touch control is important to you then this camera is well worth a place on your short list.

It offers a stylish design, great performance, good photo quality, and a low price. If you really start flipping through them, you’ll see a low res placeholder followed by the high res image a half second later.

New York Sold by: You’ll be shooting this camera a lot so I recommend a larger memory stick as a must-have item. It is a sharp photo and it sony cybershot w55 also bright.