The LEDs lighting the display provide an even brightness distribution. Lock a stolen laptop remotely? The company has realized that good keyboards are lacking in this category, so it outfits every one of its netbooks with keyboards that are larger than those of its rivals. The NCGB debuted earlier this year with one of the biggest netbook keyboards 93 percent , while the NC20 check back soon for our review launched as one of the few with a inch widescreen. The transferred data may include service and product information such as model and serial numbers that we have collected, use or hold in accordance with our privacy policy available here: The case has, in comparison to the NC10, gained a bit in its width and depth with B x

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Keyboard and Touchpad The N has a nearly full-size keyboard; Samsung n120 needed to only make minor adjustments coming from a standard notebook keyboard and can type just as quickly. Password is case-sensitive and Must be at least 8 characters and use samsung n120 combination of letters and numbers.

Similar Notebooks

samsung n120 The keyboard is embedded as hard as board, as already in the NC10, and no samsujg or clattering can be elicited. Basically, the Samsung N has lost some appeal in comparison to the NC10 and sees itself exposed to a very strong competitive pressure. The ASUS HE has its mouse buttons wrapped around the front bezel, producing samsung n120 wider pinch and a more comfortable navigating experience.

Phenomenal 8 hours of battery life.

How the newbie scores and if it samsung n120 fulfill the high expectations is shown in the following test. Email Name Firstname Comment. We reached a maximum average transfer value of Or continue samsung n120 on Samsung. Although the difference in key size samsung n120 hardly noticeable when looking at the N side by side with its competitors, there’s no doubt that its keyboard is one of the best on any netbook we’ve used.

On either side of the display are the Ns stereo speakers, and a webcam is embedded in the top.

Frankly, you’d be hard pressed to notice much of a performance difference when running real-life applications. If samsung n120 the glossy black screen had a wider viewing angle, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for watching downloaded movies on samsung n120 train.

In return, the keyboard and workmanship are of the usual high standard.

Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Overall, n1120 keyboard is very good and is extremely usable. This impression is reduced when it’s activated, but calls for a very well-considered choice of location, even indoors. Bright clothes, adversely positioned light sources or dark image contents over layer the intrinsic program window and make it samsung n120 to strenuously separate image samsung n120 surrounding contents visually.

Samsung N120 (12GBK)

Key travel is shorter than normal which is part of the reason the Ns keyboard lacks the tactile feel of a larger keyboard, samsung n120 the keys are also thinner. The speakers are rated at 2 watts for the pair.

The N’s 5-minute, 4-second score on the video-encoding tests ranked next to last against its rivals, and was 40 seconds behind the HE. Samsung may samsung n120 be the most seasoned laptop maker in the American market, but you couldn’t tell by the quality samsung n120 its netbooks.

The Samsung made screen rather belongs to the conservative netbook division with a WSVGA resolution x pixels in a The N does little wrong.

Samsung N (12GBK) Review & Rating |

But as a samsung n120 computer with a good battery life, it does well. In return, the display hinges do their job, keeping the lid in a closed as well as open position without any samsung n120.

The webcam integrated in the display bezel. Samsung claims that the N’s inch keyboard is full size and therefore samsung n120 than the keyboards on most netbooks, including other inch Samsungs. Customers who purchase Samsung printers will continue to get the same level of support from HP.

The front of the netbook has a slight curve to it which matches the lid; the lid and the base fit together nicely. Samsung n120 score handily exceeded the netbook category average of 1, and even samsung n120 the Samsung NC10 and N It is also quiet and will not disturb neighbors. Samsung N netbook builds on quality, but can’t surpass better Samsung models Source: Notebook Odyssey Series 9.

Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section N Series.