You need to have Roland CutStudio already installed. It does not have an optical eye for automatically reading registration marks. Metal Flake Series. Exciting Graphics Right Out of the Box! With STIKA, even novices can quickly and easily create signs, labels, decals, retail displays, vehicle graphics and more right from a Windows or Macintosh computer.

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Cutter Blade Reference Guide Spanish.

Roland Stika SX-15 product reviews

How to install a Roland driver in Roland sx-15 stika 7 and Windows Vista. Jul 10, 9: We specialize in t-shirt and apparel decorating and offer the world’s largest selection of heat applied vinyls from Chemica, Specialty Materials and Siser.

Premium Satin Finish Metallic Series. Roland Depot Repair Policies.

Quote message in reply? The GX has an optical eye for registration.

Product News

Fine Brushed Metallic Series. Jul 11, 9: October 10th, Satin Removable Vinyl Film Series. T-Shirt Maker Business Package. It works fine roland sx-15 stika me. Matte Silver Series.

However, I remember someone mentioning on here before that they used their Stika SX model for this purpose. Roland sx-15 stika 11th, Jul 11, April 2nd, We also offer heat presses from Stahls Hotronix.

Technical Support for Stika SX 15″ Vinyl Cutter

In addition, CutStudio allows users to combine rectangles, circles, polygons, lines and curves for more sophisticated graphics. I haven’t used one personally, but know that people roland sx-15 stika them as fast as they buy them.

Fixed at approximately g.

In order to be able to post messages on the T-Shirt Forums, you must first register. Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand. I was a little roland sx-15 stika to try roland sx-15 stika unit, as it was purchased 2nd hand and had been running for quite a while, and at first glance it looked as though the previous owner hadn’t taken very good care of it.

Actually youll have to do that by hand with an exacto knife. Hammered Leaf Metallic Series.

All times are GMT Jul 12, Using the STIKA Navi panel and a mouse, users can move the cutting blade into the optimum start roland sx-15 stika for precision results every time.

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Vinyl can xtika time consuming to weed. May 14, 4: They definitely have their uses for the hobbiest or someone wanting to do small production runs. STIKA’s SX series of vinyl cutters offer the quality, durability and versatility necessary to meet the needs of everyone from the first-time user to the seasoned roland sx-15 stika.