This window lets you control the dimensions, spacing, and marking of that grid. Not shown here is the pulldown menu on the right it pops up out of the second button down from the top right corner that lets you choose what color channels you want to apply the unsharp masking to. Eliminate smudges, scratches, and dust from images with the ICE feature, which quickly edits images to create the best version of each photograph. Performance The extraordinary power of the Coolscan IV leads to a fairly complicated set of controls as seen above , but Nikon’s new scanning software does a good job of segregating functions into logical groups, making it easy to keep track of where you are and what you’re adjusting. The QuickTime videos were very useful to understand the various settings available in the program.

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The detailed crop size and color nikon coolscan iv ed readouts that appeared here in Nikon Scan 2 have now been moved to a tool palette window. The differences in sharpness and detail are really quite evident.

Collscan day click on a window to unveil new photography tips, treats and techniques.

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I advise purchasing one that’s been fully serviced. They’re not even anywhere near the quality of a new Epson flatbed. Share This Page Tweet. Nikon Coolscan works perfectly, scanning slides nikon coolscan iv ed negs to 11×14″ hi res – a great product Verified purchase: In the prior version of Nikon Scan, Nikon used “drawers” that slid out to reveal groups of controls.

TWAIN This is the main part of the Nikon coolscan iv ed driver, it allows the basic operations of previewing, scanning, thumbnailing, changing the media type, auto focusing ejecting the film and performing prescan densitometry. Eliminate smudges, scratches, and dust from images with the ICE feature, which quickly edits images to create the best version of each photograph.

This is nikon coolscan iv ed reduced- size series of crops from a maximum-resolution dpi scan of an Ektachrome “Q60” target on a Super Coolscan ED scanner.

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The process is quite straightforward, but not terribly well-documented: Note though, that doing so greatly increases preview scan times, because the software automatically scans at a resolution appropriate to the size of the preview window you’re using. Most of the settings here fall into the “set it and forget it” category, as you won’t need to nikon coolscan iv ed them frequently.

Unsharp Mask Nikon coolscan iv ed is a new addition to Nikon Scan, and more or less duplicates the operation of the unsharp masking control in Photoshop.

It did an excellent job handling badly-curled negatives, and was a noticeable improvement over the design of the already-excellent FH-2 that preceded it: APS cartridges are simply dropped into the front of the unit, and the software will scan “thumbnail” representations of the entire roll of film in about 80 seconds for 25 frames – longer and shorter rolls will vary proportionately in their pre-scan times.

File:Nikon Coolscan IV ED 1636.jpg

Prescan foolscan include autofocus, autoexposure for positive film, and autoexposure for negative film. Other holders we’ve used employ alternating ridges and recesses on both sides of the clamshell.

The printed manual is complete enough and well enough written that we really found i need to venture into the electronic version. The results from the SilverFast product are exceptional. Layout Tools The first Tools palette controls the general setup of the scan. This is probably the fastest method, and simultaneously removes most color casts from your images.

Since we don’t have any methodology for evaluating color-management systems, we didn’t experiment with Nikon Nikon coolscan iv ed color management options. After scanning the thumbnail previews, select those needing adjustment, and set the scanning parameters as you normally would. nikon coolscan iv ed

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This feature can coolsccan very useful for working with images that have color casts nikon coolscan iv ed unusual lighting. We’d like to see some sort of a simpler user interface for a more “prosumer” oriented scanner, but in fact found ourselves liking Nikon Scan 3 more, now that we’d spent some more time both with it, and with lesser programs on other scanners.

Doolscan point will be added wherever you click, and the curve adjusted to pass through the new cooolscan. Before I downloaded the demo of your program I had no experience or knowledge of what the SilverFast Ai Studio 8 software was capable of doing.

That said, the level of control the software provides is really exceptional. The SW is too simple though. Other than the nikon coolscan iv ed “drawers” interface, the new main control panel looks much like the nikon coolscan iv ed one.

This is an affordable alternative to flatbed scanners for those nikon coolscan iv ed to make higher quality images from 35mm film.

The SA can handle film curved side to side by as much as six millimeters.

StuartMoxhamMar coolsxan, The infrared light passes right through the layers of most color print or slide film, but is blocked by dust or scratches.