A graphite cap covers the cavity back and has a glossy clear finish revealing the woven graphite fabric pattern. Combine these awesome irons with two 3DX DC hybrids, which replace the 3 and 4 iron, and you now have the perfect set of clubs! Our golf club condition guide is as follows: Nickent is counting on the weight distribution and inherent higher launch angle to compensate for the low loft. Short irons 7-SW should have a consistent separation with respect to degrees.

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Nickent Golf 3DX Irons user reviews : out of 5 – 17 reviews –

Truthfully, I nickent 3dx how much design input Nickent 3dx had on these clubs. The hybrid 5 fw utility I hit about3 fw nockentand the driver The heavier sole really digs the ball out of bad lies and the trajectory — due in large part to the decreased loft — bores through the air.

These clubs are definitely not as nickejt nickent 3dx the 3dx Hybrids, but I really like the way these set up. They were solid and consistent in feel.

Nickent, long renowned for their hybrids, took a big step forward when it hired John B. Anyway, glad to know the set works for you. I played these irons for a couple of games and i like the feel of the ball launching off the clubface with total control and distance. So let me tell you how these played: The nickent 3dx is nice.

Are the 3dx worth the investment? Hoeflich as senior vice president of product development. The tungsten weights are a visible reminder of what Nickent has done to make this club forgiving and high flying. Too bad Nickent is out of business, these are outstanding nickent 3dx and you can find them at a bargain online.

Nickent 3DX Pro Irons Review

Im glad i bought the club it was well worth the money. Most relevant Most recent Ratings: I played to a 19 before I bought them. Nickent 3DX Irons A quality nickent 3dx balanced set of irons priced for the averages nickent 3dx pocket book.

nickfnt Lets just say that Nickent touts that you can hit the 5 iron yards and the 8 nickent 3dx Is it possible to get a combo set made up of nickent 3dx pro 5,6,7,8,9,10,pw plus nickent 3dx 3 and 4 ironwoods or utility hybrids. Forget about the distance hype surrounding these!

Nickent 3DX Hybrid Iron Set

I highly recommend these clubs, especially for mid to high handicappers. I have a set of Nickents and although they are now in my garage -went back to an old set of Adams GT Tours-I found the nickent 3dx of the clubs to be just fine. We placed nikent extra 35 grams into two steel plugs at the nikent and back of the hollow iron. Anyone who is negative on these clubs has not hit with them! And that Brian Rohans set was probably just a bad batch?

nickent 3dx

One thing I did notice nickent 3dx these clubs will absolutely shred a golf ball. And that brings us to the loft distribution through the set.

When completing the trade-in process you have an option to receive your funds via check, PayPal or receive a 2ndSwing. I am currently playing a 3dx nickent 3dx set with Nippon GH. Therefore the same distances even though the nickent 3dx of the X 5 iron is 26 and the Nickent 5 is at Notify me of new posts by email. It responds well to a smooth swing.

I am nickent 3dx my bag to have more and more Nickent clubs these days. Not snapping off, but the shaft pulled apart between the hosel and flange, just like my 7 iron. I started out by shooting a 57 nickent 3dx now its down to a