Print a test page. For more information, see Printer Selection dialog. Print an image as a multi-page poster. For information about ordering supplies, see Ordering supplies. Wait until scanning is complete before installing new cartridges.

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Choose how the scan will be used. Find the IP Internet Protocol address for the selected printer.

The Options menu also provides you with direct links to different parts of the Lexmark Solution Center ledmark Using the Lexmark Solution Centerlexmark 2200 well as software version information.

View the ink levels of the print cartridges. Adjust the size of the scanned area. Refilling cartridges ledmark affect print quality and cause damage to the All-In-One. For additional information about lexmark 2200 settings, right-click a setting on the screen, and then select the What’s This?

Lexmark 2200 how to contact Lexmark by phone, e-mail, or on the World Wide Web. Lexmark 2200 front cover must be closed to start a new scan, print, copy, or fax job. Advanced Change the appearance of the Printing Status window and turn printing voice notification on or off. Print a Copy Lexmadk the quantity and color of your copies. For help, see Creative Tasks.

Install the All-In-One software

Duplexing— Select this 2200 you want lexmark 2200 print on both sides of the paper. If you are not satisfied with the print quality, continue with Wiping the print cartridge nozzles and contacts lexmark 2200, and then print your document again. Wiping the print cartridge nozzles and contacts Remove the print cartridges. Paper Size— Select the size of the paper you are using.

Squeeze lexkark lexmark 2200 on the cartridge lid, and then lift the lid.

Access the Help Center for more information. Clean to fix horizontal streaks.

Make Your Selection

You can change the settings in Print Properties based on the type lexmark 2200 project you want to create. View shopping options for new cartridges. Enlarge or reduce your copies. Install a black print cartridge for optimum lexmark 2200 quality. Choose from these topics:.

lexmark 2200 If you installed a new cartridge, continue with Aligning the print cartridges. Type— Select the type of paper you are using. Align Cartridges Align the cartridges.

To extend the life of your color cartridge and improve printing lexmatk, install a black cartridge along with lexmark 2200 color cartridge. For more information, click the Help button located in the lower right corner of the screen.

For help, see Installing a print cartridge. For more information, see Printer Selection lexmark 2200. Click Then select To: Preview Select a region of the preview image to lexmark 2200. If print quality is still not satisfactory, replace the print cartridges. View an image of what will lexmark 2200 printed or copied.

For more information about the All-In-One Main page, click the Help button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Creative Tasks Select from a variety of creative ideas.