Make sure the spec that can check bigger tv. Email me about changes to this bug report. I need your help today. You understand mandarin thus you can log in to taobao. Thanks for the support on my ebook. The choke itself did not wound properly The load or the flybck transformer have problem the surrounding components have problem.

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This is all I have been looking for. In fact you really need a x10 k ohm multimeter because xk is not good enough to check on semiconductor especially the power FET. I suggest that you use another junk flyback and test it out and make sure the joints between the two high voltage cable is not exposed and properly solder under the anode cap. I have several of them that I have either purchased or down loaded… Thanks for the support!

Iim17ff there will be no replacement for power transformer because all are design to be unique. Pls enlight me on this situation. April 17, iionic Do you think this monitor will last long? But I got surprised about it because it has no 10K Ohms. The 12 volt 4. I have two metalurgical microscopes with model number S fitted with two halogen lamps rated at 30W.

After the vertical IC had been replaced and because I had pulled out the anode cap to make clean the main board and then replaced back the anode cap and I could assure the anode cap was put back appropriately. What is the highest temperature of HOT do you ever notice when monitor is on, but you know the monitor is working well and will last long? Make sure the spec that can check bigger tv.

You understand mandarin thus you can log in to taobao. If there is no dry joints in the high voltage transformer and the supply voltage to inverter ic is normal then one of the backlight already have problem. June 23, Actually Steve is right about the motherboard repair unless you can source the part and have the BGA rework machine.

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Please see the attachment. In addition, I had a question in regard to the CRT monitor, it became blur on the graphic, do you have any idea what caused the problem?

I did not know anything about electronic repair and with the help of your books I have been able to repair more than a dozen Computer Monitors and TVs. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I know this is a lot of data, but the conclusion is assuming the ripple noted on the main filter cap is not causing problems, the Scalar IC is trying to fail and is not outputting control signals to the OSD or the EPROM is corrupted… What is your opinion.

Some of the tube even has shadow of the display they used to show only one sort of display along the working service time of the monitor.

IISONIC IIM17F monitor.

If you discharge a iim17r with a metal then yes there is a chance of shorting other components. Tahniah atas kejayaan kamu. I got two version of this, as you could see in the photo. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

All the boards are generally bigger and have much more components and more backlight. I wish I would have had one for many years doing pro-audio. Yes it could be that also. Yes you can ask about the laptop question, if i know i will answer you.

ilsonic Hi Roberto, Long time didn’t hear from you. Resoldering this was a hard job since the cap hole is only one. Posted December 10, 5. Do you know where I can get the one with schematic diagram?