Is this ML10 V2 doesn’t support windows r2 server sir? Good day, As for verification of my windows server r2 is it not with service pack 1. But when i try to install the raid driver using CP its says its a driver for Bi. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Intelligent Provisioning is not a feature available for the ML10 v2. I’ve heard there is a version 2.

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Solved: Can’t configure RAID on ML10 v2 (Bi controller) – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

This is the link for v2. I haven’t tried creating a USB key under Windows 8.

Hope you can help, We just got the first ML10 V2 in to install and its been 2 days and still cant get anyhwere with it, the instruction are a joke, pointing to web pages that simple dont work or instead of giving instruction on how to install windows just tell you about Windows!

Can seem to download the SAA as someone else mentions, not sure if its just eaid but trying to access many HP pages over the last 2 days is not working, took 4 hours raiid to download the SPP as it was just taking ages to go to pages then nothing then suddenly worked again, tried it from mutiple ISP accounts and both same.

The opinions expressed above rsid the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. On my way installing windows server r2 after i click the install button they look for the driver and the raid i already configure thru SSA doesn’t appear.

Any help or advice would be proliantt appreciated. The manual mentions the Virtual Install directory and enabeling it for the drivers, well that option does not appear in the BIOS at all!

Glad you got things goind and sorry you had issues with the SPP. Thanks in advance, pascal Solved!

I’ve been here for almost 3days to configure the controller. Not sure where you got that file, but it is indeed for the Bi and not the i. So i need to find windows server r2 with integrated Service Pack 1? That is where the F5 message will appear. If it is the first time to be run, you will need to answer a few questions, then you will be presented with a menu to ‘Configure and Install’ or ‘Perform Maintenance’. I would like to ask about the ML10v2 again.

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Hi, I have the same problem. Not what you expect from HP Is this ML10 V2 doesn’t support windows r2 server sir? I tried to enable ahci and tried to install os no problem at all.

All the paperwork just points you to other places on the web, what cant we just have a booklet explainign how to install Windows and why has the HP version of Windows not got the required drivers, its not like its a new controller proliqnt in any other PC is it?!

Anyone who can point me in the right direction much apprecaited, if i cant get it working by Monday morning its going back and being replaced gp a Dell model, sad as we have used HP for years but the website is terrible to get around and find stuff, typed the model number hsown in the search box and it tell me too many results!

During Post do you see a message about he Bi Controller and firmware version and logical drives? Also can actuall find the Windows driver for for the Raid controller despite downloadind a ton of supposed drivers.

I download the windows r2 with service pack 1 but still problem upon installing stated need to load driver from cd or usb flash drive.

In additional sir i tried also to installs Windows server R2 same problem with the R2 no logical drive found in the gui upon installtion and they are looking for the driver. Also the ML10 V2 support windows server r2. proiant

Please ask the forum! Are you using R2 with Service Pack 1? Finaly you resolve this problem? I was looking right at on the screen instead of the Apologies in advance for wall of text, I’d really appreciate some help. Thank you very big. Followed ml110 on jimmy’s Guide.