Touch a StarBoard button to summon special interactive functions, accessible through icons and cascading menus. Read Reviews Write a Review. Handwriting Recognition The Launcher toolbar now provides one-click access to SmartWriter handwriting recognition software. Interactive whiteboards are used in conference rooms, classrooms work groups, training rooms, broadcasting studios and wherever the need arises. You can also import and use backdrops of your own.

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hitachi starboard fx-77 Three different pen types can be used interchangeably during a presentation: The StarBoard lets you annotate presentations higachi run any software application projected onto the whiteboard from a connected computer. They’re available with USB 2.

Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX-77 GII

Progressively hide and show different annotations, objects, and backgrounds using each transparent layer. This system includes a wall mounting bracket and can communicate wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth 1.

Toggle SmartWriter on or off, or use auto mode to automatically switch to handwriting recognition mode when a text input field is selected. StarBoard is user friendly and hitachi starboard fx-77 many great features. It looks into the future with a new era of quality, innovation and growth.

Who’s Eligible Details School. You can even capture partial window or full screen shots from either the Starboard’s Object Management screen or Windows.

Perfectly designed to be used in a traditional size Classroom. Annotate Almost Anything You can freely annotate running video, animated web pages, or PowerPoint presentations. Electronic-free surface for durability. Low-glare hitachi starboard fx-77 minimizes projector reflection. A special coating on the board surface minimizes projector reflection making it gentle on the eyesight.

This hitachi starboard fx-77 includes a wall mounting bracket and can connect to your computer using a regular USB 2. This versatile, high-performance whiteboard has a large image area 77″ diagonal stwrboard a durable, low-glare surface for electronic sensing-based writing. It is better for your eyes, but dry hitachi starboard fx-77 marker use isn’t recommended. Starboard Software is included. An interactive whiteboard is an interactive board that connects to a computer and a projector.

Data and Video Conferencing The StarBoard supports data conferencing with up starbooard 42 users on a local or wide area network including the Internet as well as personal videoconferencing.

ID Card Printers and Systems. Intuitive All functions are easily accessible through pull down menus and less than three mouse clicks. See any errors on this page? Customize your hitachi starboard fx-77 the way you want it. Proprietary StarBoard software uses an intuitive pen-driven interface starblard is simple to use.

Hitachi Starboard FXGII Interactive Whiteboard FXGII B&H

It responds to the electronic pen for pin point accuracy. You can also import and use backdrops of your hitachi starboard fx-77. Switch between annotation mode and mouse mode freely hitachi starboard fx-77 losing your notes or being forced to stop and save data. Timer Tool An on-screen stopwatch or countdown timer is handy for pacing speeches, tests, or exercises and for keeping meetings on schedule.

The whiteboard is connected by USB interface 1. Even run multiple StarBoard sessions using different presentations or Windows applications simultaneously.

Hitachi FX StarBoard Interactive Whiteboard F77EWMWL B&H

Customize your toolbar and screen layout to suit your needs. Versatile Electronic Pens and Inks The StarBoard includes six different electronic ink styles, including new fill and 3D ink hitachi starboard fx-77 when you write with the electronic pen. We’ll update your product price as you make your selections.