Yes, my password is: Actually I have only seen pictures of your Altec conversion, so I do not know what you have done with your JBL conversion. It can’t be easily employed and is subject to more problems simply due to the increased parts count and design complexity. He liked VonSchweikert VR-1, they seemed to him more balanced and the bass had real punch. I believe that an important factor for this preference is that I am using plasma tweeters. Getting back to the CH Audio converted driver, I have a hz tractrix kit horn from Fastlane Audio that I will install and have a friend measure the performance of the combo in the near future. We sought out another crime to commit.

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Later on, friend Ralph Henson who was also in the room when we heard the Cogent system, mentioned that the system was bi-amplified that field coil compression with Welborne tube amps using DEQX, a well-respected digital crossover system that allows for digital time alignment. Look up the WE A. The woofer and the midrange of my speakers DO use Alnico. The high frequency horn is a conical design field coil compression The Acoustic Horn company.

Western Electric 594A Field Coil Compression Driver

Part One of Three A dyslexic man walks into a bra … or how I got comprewsion field coil compression another speaker field coil compression adventure with my friend, Pete. It would be particularly nice if the best of these designs would trickle downward into the more affordable territory. Found these drivers on e-bay then found the makers website thought these were very interesting to say the least the look like Large format Altec’s that have been heavily modified the wooden back cap is to cool looking.

I used compresson inexpensive Chinese bench power supplies to drive the field coils using separate supplies for the bass and midrange drivers.

Originally Posted by TMM. He liked VonSchweikert VR-1, they seemed to him more balanced and the bass had real punch. The suppression technique of Smith field coil compression been recently extended [7] using a more accurate analytical acoustical model of the compression driver geometry.

If you are reading this ad be aware that you may NEVER get a field coil compression to buy a pair of Cogent field-coil drivers used again! I’m sure I’ve heard at least some speakers with these drivers, however, I’m not sure.

I don’t know about field coil compression A but usually those old WE drivers are worth big bucks. I also have re-maged stock drivers that I have tried with the be diaphragms which also sound excellent. What did you replace these RCA units with?

For me, and I’m sure for many others as well, music has to be an emotional experience where the performers are ‘in the room’ giving you a personal field coil compression performance. The woofer, which is modern could have been made with alternative magnetic material; the very vintage midrange compression driver comprfssion not have been made with the current, exotic alloys. So be patient please – or go for a pair and hear! Field coil compression from ” https: The difference field coil compression the field coil and standard drivers are slight but very noticeable in direct comparison.

Not a bad strategy for this kind of an item. When one of the inexpensive power supplies died, I replaced it with a beefy, lab quality power supply.

It is also adjustable, so that helps to tune the LF response to the room. US Patent – Adjustable high-speed audio transducer protection circuit.

Cogent Field Coil Horn Speakers

The resistance of the bulb filament is proportional to its temperature which increases as current flow through the filament increases. Page 1 field coil compression 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: The process would be similar for the large format JBL driver.

I can say that with complete honesty! I simply had to buy them to experience the sound.

Sonic characteristics of Field Coil Driver’s

field coil compression What’s the dates of production on that dompression Alas, fixed magnet technology has changed quite a lot on all three fronts since then.

JBStephensOct 3, We have been watching it and laughing. The time now is I’ve attached an illustration of the work necessary to convert an Altec to field coil over a sectional field coil compression of an Altec Lansing field coil driver.