Dependent upon how many files you have stored and the size of the Hard Drive, the scanning process may take 2 -3 hours to complete after the system is restarted. The PA is just a basic fault read or clear job. Cn90 any news yet about the connection I need to buy one from kcool Electronic co. When I press the “Activate Protection” box, I get another Carsoft message that reads “Copy protection parameter changing. I’m having fun with this software. D I wonder if these are Euro model references and if there are any differences for the same comparative U. The last hurdle is the connector issue:

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I have not tried the other software out there but now that I have Carsoft working I’ll carsoft usb the rest. I think these are options: There is a lengthy page thread on bimmerforums, get some Coke and Popcorn and read through all 57 pages!!! BB code is On. Thanks for your help: Will let you know. It has no bearing on anything besides relaying information.

How to you configure the laptop to recognize Com1 port? I have Carsoft 6. You could either stop here and change the port in carsoft to match that or Carsoft usb I don’t have an alarm system, carsoft usb or light sensors I think that is the full compliment.

If anyone can give me step-by-step instructions how to get Carsoft usb to recognize “Com1” port, that would be great! Right click on your “Programs” folder from the “Start” menu and choose “Explore”. Check all the fuses in your car and carsoft usb a diagnostic again.

Does anyone know how much disc space Carsoft 6. I carsoft usb this post because my car basically died after erasing all the error codes and now it is carsoft usb the stealership and I am not looking forward to my bill.

mb carsoft on vag usb or kkl serial cable???????? [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

But maybe my car was on the fritz any ways because i was having issues. Carsoft usb time I try to run a test carsoft usb the car it tells me operation not available at this time. You should also check you Carsoft version.

Check carsoft usb folder, it should contain 10 files, including instructions. Those USB-Serial cables can be very tricky. Hybrid Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode.

CarSoft + USB Converters?

Thanks I will wipe out the Carsoft and re-try it and I will let you know how it worked out. Locate the Carsoft folder, which should be in the “Program files” directory.

My laptop is carsoft usb dell studio 17 I hope carsoft will works. You will need to completely uninstall the whole program first. Crsoft carsoft usb a slight leak developing and have the parts and pieces to swap the gaskets. Every time you restart your laptop, the computer carsoft usb give that cable a different port. Delete the icon for version 6. Dis-regard my last note.

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carsoft usb The “Crack” folder that you used may be incomplete. BTW, I just bought one of these from above, after i noticed many have in the past couple of weeks.

Title goes carsoft usb close video goes here. Before i had an adaptator, and half of the modules didn’t respond. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Thanks drakarusbb