With the Advanced mode, you can set to perform an automatic data backup when the system is running on x battery power; x being the set battery capacity defined in the Advanced window. These applications are designed to complement the functions of your handheld and provide you with a more versatile work environment. The one-piece AC adapter has replaceable plugs, but ships with only one, depending on the geographic location. Finding And Organising Information Finding and organising information Using the Find function and the File Explorer window will allow you to find and manage your files easily. The brightness and contrast are excellent, placing n10 just a little behind perhaps the best display available on the market h Screen Align screen and enable the ClearType feature. To create a modem connection to a network

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ACER N10 MANUAL Pdf Download.

Command bar The Command bar contains aced usual pkcket player commands including: Finding And Organising Information Finding and organising information Using the Find function and the File Explorer window will allow you to find and manage your files easily. Push the card into the slot using your finger until you feel the card lock and hear an audible system sound; this will signal that the card is already properly seated within the slot.

And now, this gadget has been retired. Acer N10 is my 1st pda.

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Most importantly, the display has no yellowish or greyish tint but colours are what they should be and white is really white. To Receive Information 9 Getting c onnec t ed Transferring items using infrared To receive information Align the IR port of your handheld with that of the sending IR-enabled device so that they are unobstructed and within a close range.

Debuting on the PDA market, Dell has immediately won a huge following. Charging Your Acer N10 Setting up your Acer n10 After you have initially charged your handheld for three hours, you can now set it up. If you do not see the program listed, you can either use File Explorer on your handheld to move the program to the Start Menu folder, or use ActiveSync on your computer to create a shortcut to the program and place the shortcut in the Start Menu folder.

Download pd program to your computer or insert the CD or disk that contains the program into your computer.

At the same Dell’e, stylus hidden in the edge case. A pop-up message will appears prior to beginning the Backup operation. MP3s are no problem either — it does not pocet any funny noise but plays the music. With Transcriber you can write anywhere on the screen using the stylus just as you would on paper. Are you up to the challenge? The fate of Faydwer rests in your hands. Like most other Pocket PCs makers, Acer, too, uses metallic finish to conceal the fact that its device has a plastic case.

The reason is simple. The meeting request will be created automatically and sent either when you synchronise Inbox or when you connect to your email server. Hope it helps, if you need further assistance, let me know!

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In his hand is unusual and not very comfortable, partly due to its low weight. Pop-up Menus 1 G e t t in g s t a r te d Command interface Use the command bar at the bottom of the screen to perform tasks in programs. Resetting your Acer n10 You may have to perform a reset if your handheld no longer responds to the buttons oc the screen.

Popular Tags francais wifi language change Dell site you can find instructions for flashing ROM device to display correctly installed equipment. But, i like this pda. Answered on Dec 23, To create a modem connection to a network Get the following information from your network administrator: Special body design – rubber inserts on the sides – will use the handheld is not in the most favorable conditions, and ensures that the machine does not slip out of hands.

Acer n10 – handheld – Windows Mobile 2002 – 3.5″

However, the fact that Dell can ;c in the field, making it more appealing to active users. Screen Align screen and enable the ClearType feature. The first SD slot can accommodate a card, and the second CF for various peripheral devices – wireless modules, digital cameras and so on.

The operating system should install or detect existing drivers which will work with the new operating system. Record the serial number, purchase date, and place of purchase information in the space provided below. Image – quality, contrast and illumination – the uniform.

Conversely, each time you tap a downward-pointing blue triangle, a row of thumbnail images will be hidden.