Same on the MicroLogix To solve your problem, I’d contact the local AB distributor. We connect directly from the PV to the laptop. The manual for this device is not downloadable from the net. Timed out reading N7:

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Top Ten Blog Posts of Why can’t the comms of a family of controllers be the same across the line??? I don’t think so. Meaning if 1761 net aic rslinx has an RS interface available for serial connection you use the DF1?

A-B NET-AIC link coupler

I can have or DF1 drivers, but have not seen a write-up 1761 net aic rslinx which to use. I tried looking through AB documentation and other forums wth no luck. To solve your problem, I’d contact the rxlinx AB distributor. Remember me on this computer. As always hope this helps, Ron P. I stand corrected the buad rate and all can be changed in prog mode.

Were you replying to me or John?

Path Shawn, feel free to edit this for length if you do post it and respond. These are concise definitions but are they accurately applie to the above?

Connecting pc thru AIC to SLC 5/04

This would be easier with some sort of graphic illustration but I don’t have time to create such here, perhaps someone else will post a diagram. What’s he gonna do? Finally, for the DH itself you would use Belden or equivalent.

When AB has one port it is usually stated as what 1761 net aic rslinx is. I should be asking AB that one. I agree that an assortment of communication options is good. Alan, I too find conflicting info. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Note that common words and, that, etc.


The 1761 net aic rslinx says you need them if you can’t disable handshaking at the port. OperaGhost At the expense of me getting it wrong again: AB’s screwy, in that way. Hope this helps you.

A null modem adapter is used 1761 net aic rslinx convert a null modem cable to a straight thru serial cable. Find More Posts by mgvol. Don’t know how reliable it is at that distance though. How do you have it wired now?

Note that common words and, that, etc. Find More Posts by dcorrick.

Good afternoon Niranjan, Could be a few things. Is there a soft to do that? And, this is actually going to get you better performance than a DH version. Here’s what I would recommend: